Project Bind: The Magic Hat Café

Hemstock Design have provided our expertise for the design of the complete fit-out, layout and interior, and navigating the processes of planning and building control approval. We continue to support this project as it moves into the construction phase.

Community-led project stakeholders, volunteers and committee members participated in the development of the project brief and the concept design

The Magic Hat Café aims to divert good food from landfill, and raise awareness on food waste by ‘upcycling’ surplus food to feed the community.

Food that would otherwise be sent to landfill is collected from local food businesses and households in and around Newcastle upon Tyne. This includes fruit and vegetables that are unattractive; bakery products that can only be sold on the day of production, surplus from food growers and end-of-line or unsold produce. We then prepare this would-be-waste into nutritious meals and drinks, which are served to the public on a ‘Pay-As-You-Feel’ donations basis.


More information about The Magic Hat Café here.

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